Historia-Battles is a 2D multiplatform turn-based strategy game reproducing real historical battles.
Inspired by classic chess game and traditional war board game, the main game philosophy is player involvement in real historical context, fun and challenge, keeping low game complexity and time to learn.

The reproduced battles are:

- 508 B.C. Porsenna siege of Rome (Romans VS Etruscans)
- 390 B.C. Allia Battle (Romans VS Celtics)
- 260 B.C. Milazzo Naval Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)
- 280 B.C. Pyrrhus Heraclea Battle (Romans VS Greeks)
- 275 B.C. Pyrrhus Beneventum Battle (Romans VS Greeks)
- 218 B.C. Hannibal Ticinus Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)
- 218 B.C. Hannibal Trebia Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)
- 217 B.C. Hannibal Trasimene Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)
- 216 B.C. Hannibal Cannae Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)
- 202 B.C. Hannibal Zama Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)
- 58 B.C. Caesar Bibracte Battle (Romans VS Celtics)
- 58 B.C. Caesar Ariovisto Mulhouse Battle (Romans VS Celtics)
- 57 B.C. Caesar Sabis Battle (Romans VS Celtics)
- 52 B.C. Caesar Gergovia Battle (Romans VS Celtics)
- 52 B.C. Caesar Alesia Battle (Romans VS Celtics)
- 48 B.C. Caesar Pharsalus Battle (Romans VS Romans)
- 9 A.D. Arminius Teutoburg forest Battle (Romans VS Germans)
- 16 A.D. Arminius Idistavisus Battle (Romans VS Germans)

Rules of the game:

- Victory condition: all enemy units killed or enemy home conquered.
- Unit has specific attack, fire range and defend points are influenced also by ground type.
- An unit increases experience,attack and defend points, also recovers all life points, when kills an enemy unit.
- Flank Attack: A unit attacked from side or back is heavy damaged considering zero defend points.
- A unit attacked and damaged can not move in the same turn.
- Unit severely wounded causes panic damage to near ones.
- Unit located near home location gets some healing points for each turn.

AI unit game logic:

Each unit type has different attack\defend logic, both depends from:
- unit damage status
- unit location type
- all friends\enemy units in visibility range

Rule.0 If an unit is severely wounded hold advantage position or try to reach one.
Rule.1 Infantry and cavalry hold position if they are in advantage location and the number of enemies around is major than friends.
Rule.2 Infantry and cavalry charge in all other situations.
Rule.3 Firing units hold position if they are in advantage location, otherwise try to reach the nearest one if in range.
Rule.4 Firing units approach enemy in all other situations.


Unit detail table:



Used Open Source Components:

    JDOM XML API from www.jdom.org



        - Zoom in-out feature to have a large view of the battlefield
       - Unit Movement area graphical representation
       - Unit Fire Range area graphical representation

       - Network multiplayer game fully playable

       - Hall of Fame: Best score for each battle scenario
       - Hall of Fame: Internet Player Rankings using nickname

       - Hall of Fame: Multiple device support for each internet player
       - Devices Supported: minimum graphic resolution requirement 320x480



APPLIV Review: https://app-liv.com/android/en/1881199

SOFTPEDIA Review: http://linux.softpedia.com/get/GAMES-ENTERTAINMENT/TBS/Historia-Battles-97855.shtml



Follow this link for instructions about network game.


  • Rome Porsenna
  • Allia
  • Hannibal Ticinus
  • Hannibal Trasimene
  • Hannibal Trebia
  • Hannibal Cannae


Game Attack Defend Rules


Unit Move and Attack Range Rules